Who are we?

We're not middlemen or a conventional recruitment agency. We don't have fancy offices or teams of interviewers. You don't
need them, so why pay for them?

Instead, we're a platform. Where people looking for work can create a profile, set their skills and availability.
It's also a place where employers can post vacancies and look for candidates.


If you're a worker, it's free to create a profile. When you find a job, you negotiate directly with the employer, with no
hidden fees.

If you're an employer, we're offering 6 months free for you to prove the platform works. You contact candidates directly
and interview them yourself. After 6 months you can choose
to pay a fee either monthly or annually.

Flexible. Simple. Transparent

findanyworker.com was born out of our own experiences of finding work and finding workers.
We needed a solution that suits the world of work today.